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Want a Second Passport? Try Buying a House

When Natalia Yavorska and her husband first considered buying a holiday retreat somewhere warmer than their Ukrainian homeland, they were drawn to the Canary Islands.

娜塔莉亞·亞沃斯卡(Natalia Yavorska)和她的丈夫開始考慮在比他們的家鄉烏克蘭更溫暖的地方購買一處度假別墅時,加納利群島吸引了他們的注意。

A vacation to the Spanish archipelago in 2012 left them eyeing land on the southwest coast of the island of Tenerife, and while the initial attractions were the golf courses and ocean views, the deal was sealed by a special extra that came with their purchase.


“The fact that we could get a Spanish residence visa from buying real estate was very important, and that made it an easy decision,” said Ms. Yavorska, a 60-year-old former banker from a town near Kiev.


That “golden visa” carried the right to eventually apply for a Spanish, and therefore European Union, passport, the kind of bonus that is luring a growing number of investors to high-end real estate.


Once seen as a slightly shady practice, the business of dangling visas and citizenship in front of wealthy investors has become a more common, and in some cases hugely successful, marketing strategy.


Ms. Yavorska and her husband, Alexander Yavorski, who own a pharmaceutical import business in Ukraine, were worried about political stability at home and saw the right to live in the European Union as “a type of insurance.”

亞沃斯卡的丈夫亞歷山大·亞沃斯基(Alexander Yavorski)在烏克蘭擁有一家藥品進口企業,這對夫婦擔心國內的政治穩定性,因此把獲得在歐盟生活的權利視為“一種保險”。

“Something can always happen between Russia and Ukraine, so if you have the chance to have a visa or a second passport sitting in your drawer, you would be stupid not to take it,” she said.


So far, at least 14 countries have programs that offer visas or passports to foreigners who buy real estate, according to research by Henley & Partners, a British-based law firm that specializes in helping people looking such programs, and The New York Times. Montenegro will soon become the 15th, and the British overseas territory of Anguilla is planning to follow suit.

根據一家專門幫助客戶調研此類項目的英國律所恒理環球顧問事務所有限公司(Henley & Partners)和《紐約時報》的調查,目前至少14個國家有為購買房產的外國人提供簽證或護照的項目。黑山很快將成為第15個國家,英國的海外領土安圭拉也計劃效仿。

Many more countries, including the United States and 20 of the 28 European Union members, are offering residence visas, which can often lead to passports, to foreigners willing to invest in nonproperty business ventures. These countries believe the investments will bolster their economies.


Other countries, led by small Caribbean island nations and Vanuatu, in the South Pacific, are happy to simply sell a passport for as little as $100,000.


Analysts say that offers of passports and residency have become a big business, attracting an estimated $20 billion a year in investment.


That approach is transforming the upper end of real estate markets and reshaping the finances of some of the smaller countries, pumping billions of dollars into economies that are desperate for the funds.


At the same time, the practice is raising fears in the European Parliament and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which works to promote economic growth worldwide. They worry that the programs could assist money laundering, tax evasion and the free movement of criminals and terrorists, as well as allow wealthy Russians, Iranians and Syrians to skirt economic sanctions.

與此同時,這種做法引起了歐洲議會和經濟合作與發展組織(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)的擔憂,后者致力于促進全球經濟增長。他們擔心這些項目可能有助于洗錢、逃稅以及犯罪分子和恐怖分子的自由流動,還可讓富裕的俄羅斯人、伊朗人和敘利亞人逃避經濟制裁。

There are eight countries — five small Caribbean states, Turkey and, in the European Union, Cyprus and Malta — that will hand over passports to property buyers, who are generally required to spend little, if any, time within their borders.


In December, Brazil joined Dubai, which is part of the United Arab Emirates, and six European nations — Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Malta, Portugal and Spain — in extending residence visas to property buyers.


The rules vary for converting those visas into passports.


Portugal requires a waiting period of five years, during which the applicant needs to spend just one week a year in the country. Spain and Latvia insist on a 10-year wait. The Latvians and Greeks require difficult language tests and several years of actually living in the country, and the Latvians insist that applicants learn the national anthem. Dubai almost never grants United Arab Emirates citizenship to foreigners.


The picky passport shopper needs to consider price, each country’s tax system and the speed of its bureaucracy: Dominica is the fastest to hand over a passport, and Turkey the slowest among nations that go straight to a passport.


Passport shoppers also need to consider how much time a nation requires them to spend within its borders, and how many other countries will grant them visa-free access with their new passports. Grenada, for instance, offers passports that have visa-free access to both China and Russia.


紐約時報中英文網 http://www.gwbyzx.live/

Wealthy Chinese are by far the biggest buyers of both visas and passports, followed by Russians, experts say. There is also growing interest among French citizens eager to avoid high income taxes and Britons desperate to maintain their European Union membership when or if their country leaves the bloc.


“I think there will be a huge amount of activity once we know what is actually happening with Brexit,” said Penny Mosgrove, the chief executive of the upmarket real estate agency Quintessentially Estates.

高端房地產代理商Quintessentially Estates首席執行官佩妮·莫斯格羅夫(Penny Mosgrove)說,“我認為,一旦我們知道在脫歐上要實際發生什么時,將會有大量的(購買)活動。”

Americans are interested, too. In the five years to April 2018, 4,327 United States citizens received golden visas in Spain alone. Experts say there are two reasons for Americans’ appetite for new passports and residency visas.


One is that the United States and Eritrea are the only countries that tax the worldwide earnings of their citizens even if they live abroad.


Alex Marino, who heads one of the largest expatriation legal practices in the world for Moodys Gartner Tax Law, said that in the final quarter of 2016, when Donald J. Trump was elected president, there was a record spike in the number of Americans renouncing their United States citizenship. But the biggest driving force by far, he said, “is finances and taxes, rather than politics.”

滿德稅務律師事務所(Moodys Gartner Tax Law)辦理的放棄美國國籍業務的數量在全球領先,領導該業務的亞歷克斯·馬里諾(Alex Marino)說,在唐納德·J·特朗普當選總統的2016年的最后一個季度里,放棄美國國籍的美國人數量出現了創紀錄的猛增。但他說,比其他理由大得多的動力“是財務和稅收,而不是政治”。

Peter Vincent, a former senior prosecutor in the Obama administration who now oversees security liaison for Henley & Partners, the law firm, said another factor was personal security.

奧巴馬政府的前高級檢察官彼得·文森特(Peter Vincent)如今在律師事務所Henley&Partners擔任安全聯絡人,他表示另一個因素是個人安全。

“There are some places in the world where if your taxi or bus gets pulled up and you are carrying a U.S. passport, that is a death warrant,” he said, “so people prefer to have a second passport for safety reasons.”


Knight Frank, a British real estate consulting firm that operates globally, estimated late last year that 36 percent of people with more than $30 million in net assets had second passports, up from 34 percent a year earlier.

在全球經營業務的英國房地產咨詢公司Knight Frank去年年底估計,擁有超過3000萬美元凈資產的人中,有36%擁有第二國的護照,一年前,這個數字是34%。

Christian H. Kälin, the Swiss-born lawyer who leads the British-based Henley & Partners, said the trend was also growing among the less wealthy.

總部設在英國的律師事務所恒理的領導人克里斯蒂安·H·卡林(Christian H. Kälin)是一名在瑞士出生的律師,他說,這一趨勢在不那么富裕的階層中也有所增長。

For those seeking residency visas or passports, the firm charges fees that start at about 20,000 euros, or $22,500, and can reach €500,000 for complicated programs like that of Austria, which requires nonproperty investments of at least €10 million. The firm has grown rapidly over the past decade, expanding to 30 offices around the world.


Charlie Smith, European adviser at the New York company Concierge Auctions, which specializes in properties valued at more than $2 million, said the lure of a visa is an important marketing tool. Mr. Smith used a recent tour of China and Singapore to drum up interest in the auction of the nine-bedroom Villa San Lorenzo in Quinta do Lago, a gated community in the Algarve region of Portugal. The property was previously listed for €20 million.

查理·史密斯(Charlie Smith)是紐約房地產公司Concierge Auctions的歐洲顧問,這家公司專門經營價值在200萬美元以上的房地產。史密斯說,簽證的誘惑力是一個重要的營銷工具。他最近在中國和新加坡進行了一系列宣講活動,為圣洛倫索別墅(Villa San Lorenzo)的拍賣招徠客戶。這處有九間臥室的房產位于葡萄牙阿爾加維地區的一個封閉式社區金塔湖(Quinta do Lago),此前的市場標價為2000萬歐元。

Mr. Smith said that he had “specifically targeted” his customer databases in China with the property because China is the strongest market for Portugal’s golden visa program. In the 12 months ended in February, 4,159 Chinese used the program, a 30 percent increase over the previous year and well ahead of second-place Brazil, with 695 investors.


Some developers are making the residency programs an integral part of their plans, shaping their prices and timelines around the best way to qualify for visas. When the high-end property consulting firm Athena Advisers ran a promotion for several Portuguese developments at its London offices in March, it flew in developers from Lisbon to pitch their projects, and lawyers to explain how the investments could qualify for the golden visa program.

紐約時報中英文網 http://www.gwbyzx.live/

一些開發商正在把居留簽證項目作為其開發計劃中基本的一環,圍繞著獲得簽證資格的最佳方式來確定他們的價格和時間表。當高端房地產咨詢公司Athena Advisers今年3月在其倫敦辦事處為幾個葡萄牙開發項目做宣傳時,他們為里斯本的幾個開發商買機票飛來倫敦推銷自己的開發項目,還請了律師來解釋這些投資將如何幫助客戶獲得“黃金簽證”項目的資格。

Over red wine and finger food, an audience of about 20 potential buyers asked questions that focused as much on the golden visas as on the likely rental and investment returns of the projects.


Sérgio Ferreira, the chief executive of the developer Coporgest, explained how a 43-apartment project in central Lisbon had been structured to take maximum advantage of the visa system.

開發商Coporgest的首席執行官塞爾吉奧·費雷拉(Sérgio Ferreira)對一處位于里斯本市中心、有43套公寓的項目怎樣最大限度地利用“黃金簽證”系統做了解釋。

The project, SottoMayor Premium, involves the renovation of a 19th-century building so buyers can qualify for a €350,000 threshold, rather than the normal minimum investment of €500,000.

這個名為SottoMayor Premium的項目涉及對一幢建于19世紀的大樓進行翻新,因為是老樓翻新,所以買家只需投資35萬歐元,就能滿足簽證項目的最低門檻,而不是通常需要的50萬歐元。

Unusually, some sales of the apartments, which are priced from €420,000 to €1.6 million, have been packaged as interest-paying special-purpose vehicles designed with the visa in mind.


As soon as an investor makes an initial payment of €350,000, the clock starts on the five-year waiting period for a full passport, even though the apartment might not be completed for another two or three years.


João Cunha Vaz, a senior partner with the law firm Edge, briefed Athena’s clients on the visa program and several tax-reducing programs offered by Portugal, including the “non-habitual resident” option, which offers a decade of tax breaks and has been attracting French citizens and other foreigners.

律師事務所Edge的一名資深合伙人若昂·庫尼亞·瓦斯(João Cunha Vaz)為Athena的客戶對簽證項目、以及葡萄牙提供的幾個減稅項目作了介紹,這些減稅項目包括“非常住居民”選項。這個選項提供10年的稅收減免,一直吸引著法國公民和其他外國人。

Another country that has recently developed a visa program is Brazil, which in the past saw many of its citizens moving money abroad to obtain second passports. Now, it is trying to reverse the trend.


Edouard Barthelemy, Athena’s manager in Rio de Janeiro, says the program is too new to have yielded results. But he is confident it will build interest in high-end properties.

Athena在里約熱內盧的經理愛德華·巴特勒米(Edouard Barthelemy)表示,這個項目仍很新,還沒有出成果。但他對項目會建立起對高端房地產的興趣有信心。

Not everyone is pleased with the growth of visa programs.


Critics say that while countries like Cyprus and Malta are reaping the benefits of handing out passports, what they are really offering is the right to live anywhere in the European Union. And they say such programs can attract shady characters.


But others say that getting visas through real estate transactions involves vetting for criminal records, for instance, which is a far more restrictive process than the scrutiny faced by the million people a year who are given European Union passports through marriage or the reuniting of family.


“Anyone who is a real security threat or a major criminal would not put themselves through that scrutiny — they have other ways to get a passport or go where they want,” said Mr. Kälin, of Henley & Partners.


There are tax advantages in having residence rights in countries like Antigua, Cyprus and Malta, which charge little income tax on offshore assets and do not require the investor to live in the country for any significant period.


Mr. Kälin was a key figure in turning the trade in passports and residency visas into an industry.


St. Kitts and Nevis became the first country to introduce a formal program of selling passports in 1984, the year after it won independence from Britain.


Mr. Kälin approached the government with an offer to revamp the program and then negotiated a visa-free access agreement for St. Kitts with the European Union’s Schengen Area, a zone comprising 26 countries without passport controls.


That kind of access was on Natalia Yavorska’s mind when she and her husband bought land on the Canary Islands. She found many visa applications “a humiliating experience where they want fingerprints and medical tests and treat you like a refugee trying to sneak over the border.”


“A passport with visa-free access to a lot of countries is just so much better,” she said.


After St. Kitts, Mr. Kälin’s firm went on to advise Grenada and Antigua on how to design their programs, and it is now retained by Moldova, which sells passports for €140,000 rather than requiring property investment, and Malta.


“These programs have been hugely important for those countries,” Mr. Kälin said. “They have transformed the economy in St. Kitts, been very significant in Antigua and Malta and have helped to dig Cyprus out of an economic crisis.”


The minimum investment under Spain’s golden visa program is €500,000, which can be made up of one or more purchases.


The Yavorski family passed that easily by spending about €1 million for land where they built a three-bedroom villa overlooking a golf course and the ocean.


Maria Moreno, the head of sales at Abama Luxury Residences, a Canary Islands developer, said golden visas have become a valuable marketing tool for projects such as hers, where the Yavorskis were the first buyers.

加那利群島的開發商Abama Luxury Residences的銷售代表瑪麗亞·莫雷諾(Maria Moreno)說,黃金簽證對她手里的項目來說,已經成為了一個很有價值的市場推廣工具,亞沃斯卡一家就是那里的首批買家。

“About 25 percent of our buyers are from outside the E.U., mainly from Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and the U.S., and four out of five apply for golden visas,” she said.




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