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  Throughout her career, Cira Robinson-like many ballet dancers of color-has followed a tradition of painting her toe shoes with the same color as her skin ton


  Karl Lagerfeld, the designer with the most outstanding creative achievements in the 20th and 21st century, who shaped the prototype of the modern luxury fashion industry in his career, died at the a


  PARIS-They wore tweed and pearls, camellia, and a glittering double-C logo to attend Karl Lagerfeld's last Chanel show-his last grand performance. They wore Chanel sneakers and sci-fi silver Chanel


  The Kardashians can make money even if they encounter bad thing


  Since when did the tights change from a costume to a cultural one? This elastic non-sock tights with countless patterns and colors has become an unexpected source of controvers

紅毯之外,一個你從未見過的Met Gala

  At some point before the sundial, six people with naked upper body and muscular men were shouldering a suede sofa bed, watching the people across the street across the roadblock. Lady Gaga performed

紅毯之外,一個你從未見過的Met Gala

  At one point before sunset, six bare-chested, muscular men shouldered a suede sofa bed as the crowd across the street watched from the barricades. Lady Gaga performed some kind of high-art version o


  Few leaders on the world stage have topped the perennial image-making contest in the new social media world like President trum


  Paris -- something unexpected has happened to the top of Europe's fashion pyramid and its beating heart. Quietly, quietly, as if overnight (though clearly not), it has been defined by women: not jus


  On Wednesday and Thursday, 20 Democrats vying for the nomination of the party’s president boarded the stage of the first primary debate. Authoritative experts said that everyone should realize their


  Spring Fashion Week 2020 re-lights New York. Marc Jacobs brings a retro visual feast, Carolina Herrera romantic bloom, Oscar de la Renta youth opening... The photographer's shots record the best mom


  Imagine what a world that can't wear black clothes would look lik

Forever 21,一個快時尚帝國的起與落

  When Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy in September, the fast-fashion chain described its history in the document, sometimes reading like a special program for a memoir or Netfli

“與星共舞”回顧:肖恩·斯派塞(Sean Spicer)獲得評委的青睞

    The week leading into the semifinals, the pressure was unbearable on "Dancing With the Stars." Amid mounting judge exasperation over his ballroom dancing persistence despite bad sco


    The moment that swallowed up the entire Milan Fashion Week took place at the end of the Versace sho


服裝訂購網站Stitch Fix最近推出了一款珊瑚紅無袖V領襯衫,它的設計者非比尋常。這件襯衫是人工智能參與設計的三款上裝之


在一部新鮮出爐的紀錄片中,喜劇演員Jackie Hoffman向整形醫生咨詢,如何微調她的“蒜頭鼻”和“大餅臉



請設想一個猶如足球場那么大的冷飲店。然后繼續想象,這里賣的所有冰淇淋都是香草味。這也許是描述眼下白T恤市場狀況的最佳方式。布魯明戴爾百貨(Bloomingdale’s)負責男裝流行趨勢的副總裁哈特(Kevin Harter)說:“所有商家都在賣白T。”無論是售價39.5美元的 CK打底T恤三件裝,還是每件100美元的瑞格布恩(Rag & Bone)設計師品


Is this Thailand's best pad Tha


在1988年的電影《上班女郎》(Working Girl)中,西格妮·韋弗(Sigourney Weaver)扮演的角色穿著可怕的大墊肩西裝迎戰華爾街的風風雨雨。謝天謝地,從那以后,工作場合的“女王裙”已經有所進化。那時,女性職業裝都在模仿男性氣概,以求為女性贏得職場上的平等地位,但如今,她們的選擇余地更大了。最近,不管是虛擬世界還是現實生活中的女性先驅,都已拋棄了傳統套裝,她們選擇了更貼合身體曲




電影又給浪漫愛情加了把火。圍繞親密關系以及性欲之于戀愛的意義,近期的兩部大熱影片展現了當代人兩種極端的不同態度。一部是已斬獲14項奧斯卡獎提名的《愛樂之城》(La La Land),另一部是《五十度黑》(Fifty Shades Darker),也就是2015年上映以來在全球范圍內票房超五億美元的《五十度灰》(Fifty Shades of Grey)的續


2月初紐約時裝周開幕之際,《Vogue》雜志主編安娜﹒溫圖爾(Anna Wintour)想要探討一項亟待應對的挑


蘋果公司(Apple Inc. ,AAPL)甚至都還沒有發布原創內容,但分析師們已經在猜測這家公司何時能夠贏得奧斯卡(Oscar)獎項