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  The popular ride-hailing company was willing to break all the rules to conquer the global market. It is now losing more money than ever befor


  Cochrane, Chile -- an eagle hovers over a house atop a dry hill in a Patagonia par


  Hong Kong -- jin yong, one of the literary giants of the chinese-speaking world, died in Hong Kong last Tuesday at the age of 94. Generations of Chinese have read his fantastical historical novels,




  NEW YORK – When Frankie Celenza feels hungry at home and doesn't want to cook, he only needs to take an elevator and take an escalator to find a place to fill his stomac


  New York - New York City has always been a towering city. But with 16 buildings over 500 feet tall scheduled to be completed this year, 2019 could be the most active year for the city's new skyscrap


  From the sofa to the martini glass, cut a main blood vessel, the blood loss is critical, this time you are not willing to run, but it happens in a promising date, really too Will pick the time. Crac


  Here are the stories I heard about Tom Hanks in the tragic months of the past. The courtesy, cultivation and etiquette of this country seem to be on the verge of extinctio


  Have you ever heard the joke "Pope Francis, megyn kelly and Hitler walk into a bar


  When I started playing tennis, my husband was happy to play with my two children and me, as long as we didn't have to play by the rules. As Dennis repeatedly explained to us, playing by the rules pu


  How to use geomantic flourishing wealth to transfer, search love? Feng shui is a thousands of years old Chinese technology that changes the flow of "energy" in the home to create a harmonious life.


  If you ask people to name someone they think is attractive, the answer is usually predictable. Some would say James Bond, the fictional spy who preferred a martini made with a shake. Perhaps someone


  There is no guarantee that open adoption will bring us a child faster than closed adoption or international adoption. In fact, agents remind us that as a gay couple, we may have to wait a long time.




  New Delhi - Last weekend to Monday, air pollution in the Indian capital of New Delhi climbed to an extremely harmful level, the streets were shrouded in muddy haze, flights were delayed, and politic


    A California firefighter jumped into action when his wife, who was in labor, said they wouldn’t make it back to the hospital in time for their daughter’s birt

自戀利弊剖析:自己爽 別人煩

    A narcissistic person may have an unrealistic illusion about his or her own importance, or a total lack of shame, but psychologists say that narcissists are generally happier than o




職場上有句老話:你的手表檔次不能超過你的老板。27歲的托尼·特瑞納(Tony Traina)是芝加哥的一名非合伙律師,對他來說,由于公司高層青睞399美元的蘋果手表,因此想找一款比這更休閑的手表,實在有些困難。不過,他也沒多費心思,向來喜歡腕表的他無視了這條職場禮儀,戴著一塊1,500美元的德國品牌Nomos Glashütte機械表上班。結果,幾乎沒人注


民以食為天是中國人常說的一句話。其實,英語中也有類似的說法:You are what you eat. 意思是說,人如其食,或者可以理解為飲食決定你的健康狀




作為一位母親,居住在明尼阿波利斯市郊的Kathleen Cormier女士正試著在兩個年齡分別為12歲和17歲的兒子身上培養感恩之心。但是,有時候她很想知道其他家長是否已經選擇放


長久以來,人們一直以為阿德利企鵝正因氣候的變化及食物的減少而瀕臨滅絕。但不久前研究人員們在南極洲危險群島(Danger Islands)發現了世界上最大的企鵝棲息地之一,逾100萬只阿德利(Adelie)企鵝聚集于


芬德(Kerry Fender)本來并沒打算在女兒出生后辭去工

特斯拉Model 3高性能版測評:激動人心的現代奇跡

入場,各就各位,嗡~:我從加州弗里蒙特市的特斯拉(Tesla)工廠借來了一輛2018款Model 3高性能版(試駕車型售價7.8萬美元)。現在我駕駛著它,悄無聲息地駛上硅谷附近崎嶇的山路,馳騁在長滿金色野草的山間。這是特斯拉新款高性能車型的首次媒體試駕。它配備了一前一后兩臺電機,功率相當于335千瓦(450匹馬力),外加以數字控制全輪驅動,其過彎加速度能讓你瀟灑地把寶馬M4甩在身